UYESEE Wireless Audio Solution is developed to be used in wireless speaker, wireless docking station, Wi-Fi base station, home automation and smart toy. It supports 802.11b/g/n standard from 150~300Mbps bandwidth. It could work at AP, AP client or station modes. It is fully compatible with Apple AirPlay and digital living network alliance (DLNA) streaming standards. It supports Hi-Fi audio up to 192Khz, 24-bit with most popular audio formats. It supports multi-room and multi-channel audio streaming with perfect synchronization. With our technology you can play the music on your speaker wirelessly from iPhone, iPad , iPod touch, Android devices or PC. More important, it enables the traditional speaker system to become the Internet enabled device through the wired or wireless connection provided by the module. Thus, you could freely playback any Internet audio contents such as music, podcast, radio or either the accompany audio in the movie directly from the Internet.




Support 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n with highly optimized Wi-Fi performance

Support 10/100Mbps Ethernet

Support Internet audio streaming via Apple AirPlay or DLNA

Support Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tidal, Tunein and many more...

Support TCP/IP/UDP/HTTP/UPNP protocol

Support play-list with M3U,M3U8,WPL,ASX,PLSformats

Support MP3/WMA/AAC/AAC+/ALAC/FLAC/APE/WAVetc. Audio formats

Support STA/AP/AP Client mode

Support Ethernet,UART and USB2.0 interfaces

Support digital audio input and output via I2S interface

Built-in web server to easily configure the module

Support remote control of module via WLAN

Support online firmware upgrade

Support module configuration via iOS or AndroidAPP

Support Wi-Fi UART pass-through or self-defined MCU/UART interface

Support multi-room audio (a.k.a, party mode) and multi-channel audio with perfect time synchronization among speakers

Support most popular streaming services around the world

Provide iOS, Android and PC SDK and applications to work with the module.



Wi-Fi speaker

Smart audio receiver

Wi-Fi audio docking station for smartphones Internet smart audio device

Internet radio receiver

Home automation and Internet of Thing(IoT)

Smart toy